Thursday, March 18, 2010

Young Drivers Car Insurance

Trying to find young drivers auto insurance? It is a good idea to learn as much as you can before comparing insurance quotes.

Knowing what factors are used to calculate young drivers auto insurance rates will save you a lot of time and money. The bottom line is that you will find cheaper insurance.

It is astonishing that most people pay considerably more than they really need to for their auto insurance . Most of the time this can be easily avoided by simply shopping around for the best deals.

As you probably know young drivers auto insurance can be very expensive. In order to find the best combination of good coverage and affordable insurance rates, you really have to go the extra mile.

One of the biggest problems young drivers face is their lack of driving history. Sadly, there is no quick-fix solution to this problem. The majority of insurance companies lump all inexperienced drivers together as a significant insurance risk. Statistics clearly show that because of their inexperience drivers under the age of twenty five are approximately three times more likely to cause an accident compared to a diver over sixty.

It is understandable why many careful young drivers feel 'punished' by the insurers. Paying up to $5000 per year, for belonging to this 'risky' insurance group does seem unjust. There are, of course, things that can be done to aid the situation. Driving an "insurance friendly" car, maintaining good grades and low yearly mileage will all lower your rates. Did you know that a number of insurers do offer up to 25% discount for students with an average grade of B.

Establishing a safe driving record should be a priority for every new driver. Keep in mind that just one traffic violation may significantly set you back on your quest for better insurance rates. Even a small accident can be an excuse for many insurers to double your premiums.

Paying close attention to the driving habits and behaviour of young drivers on the road is a good idea for parents. Accidents can be avoided if good driving practices are encouraged.

Make sure you check if your state has any regulations and safety laws which apply to young drivers. For example, there are night driving restrictions in California and Florida, and passengers restrictions in Georgia and New Jersey.

Many states will also require you to complete a certain number of hours in an education course before any young driver can apply for drivers license.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Auto insurance rates demonstrate that women are in fact better drivers

Interesting article about auto insurance for women

Women are more responsible drivers than men, and this is not just a myth, but a fact proven by recent insurance rates data.

Of course, this doesn't mean they are guaranteed low rates with the first quote they get. It is very important to shop around in order to find the best deals.

Men may like to think they have the upper hand, but when it comes to car insurance goes, they simnply do not.. Men are in fact often paying more for their car insurance than women

Why should women pay less for car insurance?

Officials reports suggest that women are lower risk drivers than men. Apparently, women are far more likely to obey traffic codes, drive responsibly and comply with their auto insurance requirements.

Men tend to be more dangerous drivers. Women, on the other hand, are unlikely to break the law intentionally. It is much less likely for a women to jump a red light or overtake dangerously.

Are women considered to be safer drivers?

Statistics show that yes, women are safer drivers than men. There are 2 main reasons for that, women are normally more observant and responsible. Road signs and other drivers behaviour, are things women pay more attention to. Naturally, being more observant helps women avoid traffic accidents. Statistics have shown men are the cause of accidents more frequently than women by more than 50%.

Most women are by nature very protective. Often, women drive their kids to school in the morning. The most important thing for them is the safety of their kid, and this makes them more careful.

Another thing women are very protective of, is their jobs. For many women it is hard to land the higher paid positions. Taking time off as a result of an accident may well jeopardise their position. It is obvious that being a careful driver is very important to most women, especially those who have a family and a career.

Things may well change in the future as more women pursue careers and there are more stay-at-home dads.. But for now, women have the right to demand cheaper car insurance rates.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SR22 Form CA 101

California Insurance Proof Certificate

Generally speaking, a policy is referred to as SR22 insurance when an SR22 Form needs to be submitted. If you need to provide a proof of financial responsibility, your insurance company is obliged by law to submit such a form to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Its important to know that a copy of your insurance or your insurance card can not replace an SR22 form and will not be accepted by the DMV as a sufficient proof.

In California the minimum insurance requirements are:

* $15,000 for injury/death to one person
* $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person
* $5,000 for damage to property

Who is SR22 insurance for?

Usually, a driver is required to file an SR22 form for one of two reasons. The first, and most common, is conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) of either alcohol or drugs. The second is for being involved in an accident while driving uninsured.Both reasons will mean that your driving license will be suspended. The car insurance law in California is very tough. Apart from taking part in a DUI program, a DUI conviction may mean a jail sentence too. For driving uninsured you will lose your license for 1 year.

What is the SR22 filling period?

3 years is the period during which you will have to maintain a proof of financial responsibility. To get your drivers license reinstated, you will also have to pay the necessary fees. During this period you will consider you to be a "high-risk" driver.Your insurance company is also required to submit a SR26 form the DMV if you cancel your auto insurance or your filling period expires. If you let your insurance lapse during these 3 years and SR26 form is submitted, your license will be suspended by the DMV.

It is important to know that SR22 is state specific and California SR22 insurance is valid only for California. Moving to another state will mean that you will need a different policy.

The sad reality is that due to SR22, your insurance premiums will go up. This makes shopping around for the best car insurance deal absolutely essential.

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